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With an LUS Fiber email account you will be able to send and receive email from any computer or device (including smartphones and tablets). This means that you will enjoy access to your email when at home or traveling. In addition, your messages and contacts will be stored safely on our network, and you will have plenty of storage available. Our easy-to-use email service is upfitted with the kinds of features necessary to keep you communicating efficiently.

What must I do to set up my LUS Fiber email service?
Your email is already setup. If you don't know your email address and password, please call 99-FIBER (993-4237). From a personal computer, you simply need to login to the App Portal with your full user@lusfiber.net email address in the Username field and your Password.

How do I check my @lusfiber.net email?
Follow the below links for step-by-step instructions for your phone, tablet, or desktop software. You can also check it on the web from our App Portal.

          AndroidiPhoneOutlook 2007  | Outlook 2010  | Mac Mail Thunderbird
          Windows Live Mail  | Windows 8 Mail App

What if I have some questions about email use?
Look over our simple Q&A document and if you get stuck, call Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237).

Where is my spam (junk mail) stored and how do I access it?
Please refer to our SPAM FAQ page to get all of your junk mail questions answered.

What if I have questions or get stuck?
Call Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237) if you have questions at any point in this process. They are available to assist you 24/7.



Quick Server Settings:

  • Incoming Server Name: mail.lusfiber.net
  • Outgoing Server Name: smtp.lusfiber.net
  • Username: Your user@lusfiber.net email address
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