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Reinventing Television - LUS Fiber Video service, powered by Mediaroom, offers a sophisticated set of features that give you incredible flexibility and fantastic entertainment options. Mediaroom is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) platform that more than four million consumers worldwide now enjoy. LUS Fiber is the only provider in Acadiana capable of delivering this industry-leading technology. Here are some of the exclusive features we offer:

Whole Home DVR - Record and watch programs from any set-top-box equipped TV in the home, which allows you to start playing a recording in one room and finish watching it in another room. Choose from our standard Whole Home DVR or the new Whole Home DVR 1000, which allows you to record up to six times more content than the standard DVR, over 600 hours of your favorite shows and up to three HD programs at once.

RESTART TVRESTART TV, exclusively from LUS Fiber, allows you to virtually go back in time (up to 24 hours) to watch your favorite show from the beginning.  

Instant Channel Change - No more waiting for the next channel to show up. You can scroll through channels with ease to find the program you want to see - Faster!

Picture-in-Picture Browsing - Get a peek at what else is on other channels while still watching your current program - More!

Enhanced Search - Find shows and movies quickly. This comprehensive search will even check the recorded TV list and Video on Demand offerings - Better!

Video on Demand - LUS Fiber’s Video on Demand premieres movies before Netflix® or Redbox®. Press the On Demand button on your remote control, choose your movie and enjoy. Select the Video on Demand preview link and see what movies are in store!




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