Customer Annual TV Notice

Products and Services Offered

LUS Fiber offers a variety of video programming tiers and services, including a Basic tier that includes most of the local television broadcast stations in your area and an Expanded Basic tier that includes many additional video programming channels. Some of the local broadcast stations included in the Basic tier are also available in a digital format. Where available, there are many additional digital television programming channels and services that you may purchase with LUS Fiber Digital Basic or Digital Plus, which includes access to the interactive program guide, digital music, premium and pay-per-view channels, as well as video-on-demand (OnDemand). Tiers of service offered by LUS Fiber are generally independent of each other, unless noted in special offers. However, as a prerequisite for subscribing to the various tiers offered including premium movie channels or pay-per-view events, customers are required by law to subscribe to the Basic tier of service – which is also offered as a standalone tier. LUS Fiber may also offer customers the option to rent equipment, such as set-top boxes and remotes that may be needed to access certain programming services. Visit us at or call Customer Service at the 99-FIBER (993-4237) for more information about products and services in your area.

Prices, Channels and Programming Options

A complete listing of our channel lineup and prices can be found at or call Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237) to obtain a printed copy.

Changes in Service or Prices

Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our services and prices at any time. As an LUS Fiber customer, you will generally receive notice of changes in services or prices at least 30 days in advance or in compliance with applicable laws. The notice may be provided on your monthly bill, as a bill insert, as a newspaper legal notice or information channel notice, in a separate mailing or some other written form. Additional information regarding such notices may also be found on the LUS Fiber website.

Installation and Service Maintenance Policies

Someone over the age of 18 must be home during any installation or repair of your television services. LUS Fiber will also make every reasonable effort to reschedule any missed service appointment at a convenient time for you. Standard installations are generally completed within seven (7) business days.

Access to Customer Premises

By ordering services, you agree to allow employees and agents of LUS Fiber access to your premises at reasonable times to inspect and maintain the television equipment at your service address and upon termination of services, to remove the equipment. Failure by LUS Fiber to remove equipment does not deem it abandoned.

How to Use Your Television Services

Customers may visit us at or call Technical Support at 99-FIBER (993-4237) for more information regarding how to use your television services.

Billing; Miscellaneous Fees

Your monthly television bill provides charges, the due date, payments and credits for your account. It may also contain special customer messages. Additional information for your area regarding LUS Fiber billing may be found at or by calling Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237). A late fee is added to any bill amount unpaid after the due date. If your payment is made with a non-sufficient fund check, you may also be charged an NSF fee for handling. Prior to granting any upgrades to your existing services, any delinquent balance on your account must be brought into a current status. If you initiate a change to your service(s), you are subject to the applicable installation charge associated with your new service(s).

Complaint Procedures

Customers can direct television billing or service complaints to Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237). If you believe LUS Fiber has not properly resolved your issue, you may contact your local franchise authority. Refer to your monthly television bill or call Customer Service for the address of your local franchise authority contact designated to receive consumer complaints. For complaints regarding Closed Captioning, please refer to the FCC consumer contact information referenced in the “Other Information” section of your television bill.

Identification Required for New Service

In order to apply for services with LUS Fiber you must provide either a valid Driver’s License, Social Security or U.S. Passport number. Otherwise, you will be required to appear in person at our Customer Service Center located at 1875-B W. Pinhook Road or 2701 Moss Street and present a valid state-issued form of identification. Delinquent Accounts – If your services are disconnected for non-payment, we will require full payment of the outstanding balance, a deposit based on your level of television services subscribed to at the time of disconnect, and a reconnect fee before reconnecting your services.

Disconnect Policy; Refunds/Fees

A request to disconnect television services can be made at any time. Billing for services will stop on the day that you request the services to be discontinued. If there is a remaining credit balance on your account in the amount of $10 or higher, a refund check will automatically be issued. For any credit balances lower than $10, you will be required to contact Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237) directly for a refund check. If you disconnect your television services in the middle of an active service agreement, you may be subject to an early termination fee (ETF). Equipment provided to you by you by LUS Fiber must be returned upon disconnecting so that any appropriate charges can be assessed.

Theft of Television Services

An unauthorized television hook-up is a severe and expensive problem. It is also a crime punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. Television theft increases the cost of our business as well as legitimate, paying LUS Fiber customers.

Signal Blocking Tools

If you can see images or hear sound from scrambled premium or adult channels that you do not subscribe to, you may contact Technical Support at 99-FIBER (993-4237) for information on tools to block the channels.

Television Picture Quality

If you experience problems with the quality of television signals you receive, you should call Technical Support at 99-FIBER (993-4237). A fully trained representative can often resolve your problem over the telephone. If this cannot be done, we will set up an appointment for a skilled technician to come out to your home. If, in your opinion, the service technician fails to correct the reception problem, you should call us again and we will review the actions taken. Should we still be unable to resolve the problem to your satisfaction, we will explain the reasons we cannot solve the problem. You may also refer to your monthly television bill or call CustomerService for the address of your local franchise authority contact designated to receive consumer complaints.


Analog Video

(Basic and Expanded Basic channels are offered in this format) Most modern television sets, DVRs and other viewing devices are television compatible and can receive the analog television signals carried on the LUS Fiber analog television system. All channels in these tiers are viewable without the use of advanced decryption devices such as Cable Card technology (sometimes referred to as DCR or UDCP devices) or similar Public Key Infrastructure software technology.

Digital Video

(All channels are offered in this format when the appropriate digital tier is purchased) Digital signals carried on the LUS Fiber system will not be viewable without a set top channel converter box compatible with and authorized by the LUS Fiber system. These boxes are all HD compatible and are referred to as HD and HD/DVR Digital Receivers. If you plan to purchase any digital television services that we encode or encrypt, such as premium, pay-per-view, or video on demand (OnDemand), you should make sure that any set-top converter, navigation device or digital television ready TV/display devices that you purchased from a retail outlet is capable of working with our television system. Upon request, we will provide you with the technical parameters that are needed for any such devices to operate with our television system. In addition, you should know that receivers with decryption software are illegal to sell or use unless authorized by LUS Fiber. If you receive our services through a set-top box purchased from a source other than LUS Fiber, you may not be able to use special features and functions on your TV, DVR and/or other viewing devices. These may include features that allow you to view a program on one channel while simultaneously recording a program on another channel; record two or more consecutive programs that appear on different channels; and use advanced picture generation and display features such as “Picture-in-Picture,” Channel Review, and other functions that necessitate channel selection by your consumer device. You may be able to resolve these issues (and other compatibility issues associated with the reception of non-encrypted programming services) through an additional converter that is available for lease from LUS Fiber upon request (rental fees for HD Digital Receiver apply). Please call Technical Support at 99-FIBER (993-4237) with questions regarding the type of special equipment needed to resolve individual compatibility problems.

Cable Cards

Certain new TVs/display devices (sometimes referred to as DCR or UDCP devices) are sold with a port for a Cable Card, which, on most television systems, can substitute for a set-top box. The current generations of these TVs/display devices are not compatible with the Digital television portion of the LUS Fiber System. They will not function properly without an LUS Fiber supplied set-top box. You will not be able to view digital programming, use any interactive or two-way services that we offer, such as premium pay-per-view, video on demand (OnDemand), or the LUS Fiber interactive program guide without an LUS Fiber issued set-top box. At this time, only LUS Fiber leased set-top boxes (HD Digital Receivers and HD/DVR Digital Receivers) are known to be compatible with the system. As consumer demands increase, “off-the-shelf” channel converter boxes, TVs, DVRs or other viewing/recording devices that are compatible with Downloadable Conditional Access decryption technology may become available. At such time, only devices certified to be consistent with Public Key Infrastructure and Microsoft® for DRM will be permitted. Until such time, you can obtain an HD Digital Receiver or HD/DVR Digital Receiver from LUS Fiber with a monthly charge for every television that you wish to receive digital programming (monthly charges apply per Digital Receiver). For more information, you may contact us by calling Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237).

LUS Fiber Supplied Remote Controls

LUS Fiber includes a remote control unit with each Digital Receiver. Some televisions, DVRs, DVDs, or Home Theater devices (hereafter controlled device) can be controlled with the remote control unit that LUS Fiber supplies. LUS Fiber makes no guarantees that any or all features of your controlled device will function as desired. However, we do find that in most cases the remote control unit will interact with many of the controlled devices available on the market.

Other Universal Remote Controls

We are currently unaware of any “Universal” remote control units that are compatible with LUS Fiber Digital Receivers. As we understand the nature of this issue, this is currently a licensed feature that the remote control unit manufacturers have not yet purchased from our current set-top vendor. However, we do anticipate that these devices will be compatible at some point in the near future. If you find that a certain model of a “Universal” remote control is compatible with our Digital Receivers, then please contact our Technical Support at 99-FIBER (993-4237) so that we may certify its operation with our system.


Before you move, please contact Customer Service at 99-FIBER (993-4237) so that we can arrange for your service(s) to be disconnected. At that time, we can also schedule an installation at your new home if it is within our serviceable area.

About this Notice

The information in this notice is subject to change. We will provide appropriate notice of any major changes in advance so that you can make a decision about your future service needs.