Fiber-Fast WiFi

Are you getting the best from your home WiFi?

As we welcome internet-connected smart devices into our homes, it's more important than ever to make sure we have a reliable wireless network for our friends and family.
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GO BIG. Go gig.


Billed monthly


Standard pricing $86.44/mo
You save $26.49/mo

Protection Plan Included
Installation Included
Stream 4k on 7-10 devices
Simultaneous gaming and streaming
Download big files very quickly (2-30GB)
Run 8+ smart devices
Unlimited data


Billed monthly


Standard pricing $124.44/mo
You save $39.49/mo

Protection Plan Included
Installation Included
Stream 4k on 10+ devices
Simultaneous gaming and streaming
Download big files at top speeds (2-30GB)
Run all your smart home devices with no slow downs
Unlimited data

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Empower your home

LUS Fiber Fast Wi-Fi

A synchronized home means greater convenience, efficiency, and comfort. With LUS Fiber's Fiber-Fast WiFi, you can create a truly connected living experience, where all your devices work seamlessly together.

Add Fiber-Fast WiFi with any Internet service for a hassle-free wireless network experience. Includes router, professional installation and setup of your home’s wireless network – up to 5 devices, and 24/7/365 local phone support.

Digital freedom without limits

You deserve the freedom to explore, stream, and connect without limits. That's why our high-speed fiber-optic internet comes with no data caps or overage fees. Enjoy reliable, unlimited internet access and experience the true meaning of digital freedom.

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Join the fiber family today!

A 100% Fiber network

Fast, Reliable and Yours – Optical fiber is hundreds of times faster than traditional broadband systems. While our competitors may use a partial fiber system, ours is all fiber, all the way to your home.

That means no data compression, and none of the bottlenecks and slowdowns that occur when data reaches the antiquated copper technology the other guys are using to deliver the signal to your residence.

Stream without interruption

Whether you're a casual viewer or a bing-watcher, LUS Fiber's network can handle all your bandwidth-intensive activities with ease.

Work with confidence

Be more efficient and effective in your work and seamlessly access cloud-based applications, stream training videos, and collaborate on projects with your colleagues in real-time.

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An online gamer's nirvana

Other networks experience varying degrees of latency, all much higher than ours. With LUS Fiber’s low latency, your online activity takes place in near real-time, with immediate action and reaction times for ultimate precision.

Protect your digital world

Protect your devices from online threats with TechShield, the all-in-one security suite that offers comprehensive protection and peace of mind.