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As little as $5 per month

Get the best of all worlds! Choose one of our reliable Fiber TV and fast Fiber Internet packages, and for a limited time, add our phone service with premium features to your package for just $5 a month.

Enjoy quality entertainment and seamless connectivity while saving money. Don't miss this great deal – sign up today!

Enhanced 911 service for complete peace of mind

During an emergency, LUS Fiber's enhanced 911 service enables first responders to relay your phone number and address in the event you are unable to do so, ensuring your safety.
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Billed monthly

Basic Line


Standard pricing $111.39/mo
You save $29.44/mo

3-Way Calling
Call Waiting
Anonymous Call Rejection
Home Intercom
5 cents per minute long distance (Continental US)

It's time to elevate your home phone

LUS Fiber's phone services are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient communication option. Not only do our services offer crystal-clear HD voice quality, but they also come with a range of advanced features that make managing your calls easier than ever before.

Plus, because they rely on fiber optic networks, you can count on them to provide a stable and consistent connection that won't let you down.

Reliable Communication

A fiber landline provides a more stable and reliable communication channel compared to cellular networks, which can experience dropped calls and network congestion.

Emergency Preparedness:

During power outages or natural disasters, a home phone can still function as long as the fiber optic network remains operational, allowing for essential communication with emergency services.

Better Call Quality

Fiber landlines offer better voice quality compared to other networks, resulting in clearer and more understandable conversations.


A home phone fiber landline can be a cost-effective alternative to a cell phone plan for individuals who mainly use their phone for voice calls and do not require data or internet connectivity.

Bringing value back to voice

Our feature packages offer even more advanced feature sets that take your communication experience to the next level. Try our premium features package to experience the ultimate in home phone sophistication and convenience.

Automatic Callback
Automatic Recall
Various Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Outgoing Call Blocking
Selective Call Rejection
Selective Call Acceptance
Speed Dialing
Caller ID
Call Waiting Caller ID
Basic Features Package
Automatic Call Back
Automatic Recall
Various Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Outgoing Call Blocking
Selective Call Rejection
Selective Call Acceptance
Speed Dialing
Premium Features Package
Caller ID
Call Waiting Caller ID

but wait.. there's more

Our Basic and Premium Phone Features packages already come with your favorite features, but the list doesn't end there. You can customize your service with any of these features for even more flexibility.

Call Forwarding Busy

When your own phone line is busy, you can forward additional incoming calls to another number.

Call forwarding do not answer

When you are unavailable to answer your phone, you can forward incoming calls to another number.

toll control with pin

This feature enables you to prevent specific types of calls being placed from your line.

teen line

Allows your main line to support up to three additional numbers, each with a distinctive ring. Outgoing calls may be made only from the primary number.

warm line

A reassuring measure of safety, this feature automatically calls any number you choose to alert when your phone's handset stays off the hook for an extended period without a number being dialed.

LATA access fee

The charge associated with offsetting the cost of expanding the local area wide long distance calling area as part of your local phone service. It is also associated with the cost of upgrading and maintaining the network that provides customers the ability to keep their existing phone numbers when switching local service providers and carrying your in-state long distance and local toll calls over its lines.

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Home phone, your way

From unlimited long distance calling plans for the continental US and international destinations, to directory assistance and 800 service calling plans, we have the options you need to stay connected and communicate more efficiently.

Choose what works for you and experience the convenience and reliability of our fiber phone services today.

Unlimited Long Distance

With our unlimited long distance calling plan for the continental US, you can keep in touch with friends and family across the country without worrying about overage charges or limits.

International Long Distance

Our international long distance calling plan gives you access to over 700 locations worldwide at no monthly fee and competitive per-minute rates that won't break the bank.

800 Service

Our 800 services offer a range of advanced features including directory listings, number change requests, and the option to add a virtual phone number, making it easier than ever to manage your communications.

Directory Assistance

Find the information you need quickly and easily with our directory assistance calling plan, which offers options for local DA, national DA, and call completion DA to ensure you always have access to the right numbers and addresses.

Directory Listings

Enjoy one standard white page directory listing free of charge. Choose from a range of additional options for special listings, non-listed and non-published numbers for added privacy and security.

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